Michael Burry Net Worth 2022: Biography,Education,Income, Career

Michael Burry Net Worth 2022: Biography,Education,Income, Career

Who is Michael Burry?

Michael Burry is an American Physician, Investor, and Hedge fund manager. he is the founder of Hedge Fund Scion capital and he ran his company from 2000 to 2008 before closing it to focus on his personal investments

Michael Burry is famous all over the world. He is very successful. he achieved his all milestones in his life. he was born on 19 June 1971 in California, United States. His full name is Michael James Burry. he is a master of investing and his approx net worth is around 400$ million USD. 

Michael Burry Net Worth 2022: Biography,Education,Income, Career

Michael Burry is a very well-known name in American business. He is one of the very successful investors. And he is also a physician. Michael Burry has achieved considerable success by investing a lot of time in his work. During the global financial crisis, Michael Game Burry became world famous. Investors in his fund Scion Capital made more than $700 million. Burry personally made a $100 million profit betting against mortgage-based securities. It sounds unbelievable but it is true.

Full Name Michael game Burry 

Net Worth Of 2022 $300 Million

Profession Physician, investor, and Hegde fund manager

Yearly Income $25 Million +

Monthly Income $3 Million +

Michael burry last 5 year Net worth

Net Worth in 2022 $300 Million

Net Worth in 2021 $270 Million

Net Worth in 2020 $250 Million

Net Worth in 2019 $225 Million

Net Worth in 2018 $205 Million

Assets Of Michael Burry

Michael burry is popular in America. he is a very successful businessman. he has a massive amount of money. Michael Burray also has properties in real estate. He has multiple homes in Los Angeles, New York, Beverly Hills, San Jose, Santa Monica, and many more.

He lives his life in a very royal way, he has a huge collection of cars. which cars are the dream of every common man? All those expensive luxurious cars will be seen in the Michael burry car collection list. Such as Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental, Jaguar F type, Maserati Levante, and Manya More.

Career and Awards of Michael Burry 

Michael Burry Very Positive personality.He has seen many ups and downs in his life and has overcome them. Despite facing so many challenges, he has touched many heights in his life which is mentionable.

Even after so much success, he does not have the ego of success. Michael Burray America is known as a very famous investor. He has left behind every small and big problem with his hard work, as well as earned fame all over the world. His company Hedge Fund Scion capital, which was closed a few years ago, but during its operation it has gathered huge success.

Education of Michael Burry

Michael Burray was born in San Jose, California, and studied at Santa Teresa High School. After that, he studied economics and pre-medicine at Los Angeles College. After that, he got his MD degree from Vanderbilt University School of medicine. After completing his MD he started part-time financial investment.


Michael Burry is a good example of those people who always find excuses for their problems. He also had many problems in his life but he worked hard continuously and achieved his desired goals. He is a master in investing and has achieved many milestones in his life. He has made immense wealth and fortune. Learn to never give up from Michael Burry.

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