Share Market Quotes | Motivational Stock Market Quotes

If you are young then you are troubled about how to earn money and facing financial problems in your life then you must know how to invest in the share market. And we are going to share with you the Quotes of famous investors, Share Market Quotes, and Stock Market Quotes by reading this you will learn how to invest in stocks. 

If you have failed many times then don't worry it is a part of life. Never give up. Sometimes our plans don't work out the way we want them to. Don't lose hope life is not over so get up and try again and keep moving forward.  

Share Market Quotes | Motivational Stock Market Quotes

Share Market Quotes In English

I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years.
—Warren Buffett
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Stock market bubbles don't grow out of thin air. They have a solid basis in reality, but the reality is distorted by a misconception.
–George Soros
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One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.
–William Feather
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If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.
–Norman Ralph Augustine
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You get recessions, you have stock market declines. If you don't understand what's going to happen, then you're not ready, you won't do well in the markets.
–Peter Lynch
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The stock market is a giant distraction from the business of investing.
–John C. Bogle
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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin
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With a good perspective on history, we can have a better understanding of the past and present, and thus a clear vision of the future.
— Carlos Slim Helu
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Bottoms in the investment world don't end with four-year lows; they end with 10- or 15-year lows. 
— Jim Rogers
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Don't look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack.
 — John Bogle
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It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong.
— George Soros
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I don't look to jump over seven-foot bars; I look around for one-foot bars that I can step over.
— Warren Buffett
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In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.
— Robert Arnott
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The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.
— Phillip Fisher
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We don't prognosticate macroeconomic factors, we're looking at our companies from a bottom-up perspective on their long-run prospects of returning.
— Mellody Hobson
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How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.
— Robert G. Allen
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It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.
— Robert Kiyosaki
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