New Google Search Console Testing Announcement Bar

New Announcement By Google In Google Search Console On Top Bar:-

Google Update their features day by day Today new announcement is shown in the google search console on the top bar.

3 Announcements were shown in Google Search Console in the top bar:

  1. Informational announcement
  2. Minor issue announcement
  3. Major issue announcement

Today your Google search consoles Interfaces looks different. We show screenshots of a new interface of Google Search Console how it looks now. although, If you click on that announcement nothing changes but the interface of the google search console changed from today.

New Announcement In Google Search Console On Top

Do not worry:- This is a new interface or features change by google. Maybe google testing to how to communicate with the owner of the site. If any issues appear in the google search console.

and John Mueller said, “If these announcements show to anyone on the top bar in Google Search Console, this is a best test from our side of the information functional that shouldn’t have been noticeable externally — sorry for the difficulty.”

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