When Life Gets Hard Always Remember This - Rising quote

"I prayed to God for strength and he gave me problems to overcome so that I may become strong. I prayed to God for wisdom and he gave me difficulties to solve to make me wise. I pray to God for love and he gave me the needy person to help and develop the quality of love". 

When Life Gets Hard Always Remember This

Always Remember When Life Gets Hard - Rising quote

My prayers were answered. When we discuss bad and good things, we have to understand that it is about a time frame. What is good and bad?  Something that seems good in the short run becomes bad in the long run and vice versa.  

This is the story of a farmerThere was a Chinese farmer. Suddenly a wild horse started running in his field. Then his neighbour came and said to him. Wow, what good has happened to you.

You have got a free horse. He said-  "a good thing and a bad thing, only God knows".

After a few days, the wild horse ran back into the forest and the neighbour came and said to the Chinese farmer. This is a very bad thing that happened to you. You lost your horse. Chinese farmer says "good things and bad things, who knows".

After some more days the same horse brought with him 20 more horses.

And all those horses started running in the field. Then the neighbour came and congratulated him that you have won the lottery. Now you have 23 horses. This is the best thing that has happened to you. he said, "best thing, the worst thing, who knows?"

After some days the farmer's son was riding on a horse and he fell from the horse, broke his leg and people gathered and said to the farmer It was a very bad thing.  

If this horse had not come. it would not have happened. He said -that this is a good thing and a bad thing, only the future will tell.

Now he went to war in another country. And the king recruits all his youngest soldiers into the countryside.The children of all neighbouring Farmers were recruited to the war front. And sent everyone to the war front. But the neighbour's son was left behind as his leg was broken.

Don't know what is good or what is wrong? When the horse ran away from the field. It seemed like a bad thing and when he came back on the field with 20 horses it turned out to be good.

And when the farmer's son fell from the horse, the horse appeared to be a bad thing. But with a little more time, it turned out to be a good thing.

Always Remember When Life Gets Hard - Rising quote

According to "Vedas"- there are two things "Shreya" and "Preya".

"Preya" means that which is pleasant in the beginning but later leads to misery.

And "Shreya" is the one who is unpleasant in the present but gives pleasure later.

For example, a student, his whole family was watching a movie together, the student was confused about whether he would watch the movie or study now. He decided to study.  It is called "Shreya" because it is unpleasant in the beginning but gives joy later.

There is a Sanskrit proverb, A student pursuing happiness renounces knowledge. And a student pursuing knowledge rejects happiness in the present.

There is information for that student who wants immediate joy? and there is an immediate joy for that student who seeks knowledge?  so this is "Shreya"

"Shreya" and "Preya" both are different things.  "Shreya" is unpleasant in the beginning but later gives happiness. and "Priya" is initially pleasant but later leads to misery.

When we talk about good things and bad things, what time frame are we referring to?  We want to solve our problems. We look for someone who can cut our cocoon and free us from difficult situations. It is only when we go through these difficult times that we strengthen our foundation.

Always Remember When Life Gets Hard - Rising quote

It is a godly way of preparing us to fly ahead. It is the difficulties that ensure the manifestation of the Spirit. 

Example of Thomas, Thomas Edison was from a very poor family. Who grew up in poverty and out of poverty. They had to sell tea in trains.  One day when he boarded the train to sell tea, And that was a little hard of hearing. So one day the ticket checker and the train hit his ear, resulting in Edison becoming deaf for a few years. 

Later he was asked - Do you have any regrets about that difficult period?  He said, "My outer ear was not closed, but my inner ear opened, and in those years I made the most progress." 

The progress being referred to is not progress in material prosperity, but my journey.  Spirit is progress. And that progress of development is often much better in difficult situations.


Whatever difficulties in our life, it makes us strong. So, whatever it is, accept it and be with it. God is preparing us for the flight ahead.

Whenever you face difficulties in life, instead of complaining, be proactive. Think about what you can learn from this situation? Have faith in god. In this way, you will develop the right attitude to face any circumstances in life. 

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